Absolute BSD - The Ultimate Guide To FreeBSD by Michael Lucas, Jordan Hubbard

By Michael Lucas, Jordan Hubbard

FreeBSD is a robust, versatile, and low cost UNIX-based working method, and the popular server platform for lots of organizations. contains assurance of install, networking, add-on software program, safety, community companies, approach functionality, kernel tweaking, dossier platforms, SCSI & RAID configurations, SMP, upgrading, tracking, crash debugging, BSD within the workplace, and emulating different OSs.

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DESCRIPTION Vi is a screen oriented text editor. Ex is a line−ori− : ............................................................................................... 40 The first bit of information shown on the top line gives the title of the man page and the relevant section number. ) Man Page Headings Man pages have a variety of headings. While just about any section name can appear in a man page, several are standard. ) Like book authors, man page authors generally arrange their content in a manner that makes sense for the program they're discussing.

Type man 4 ed and you'll see what you want: ............................................................................................... ED(4) FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual ED(4) NAME ed − ethernet device driver SYNOPSIS device ed DESCRIPTION The ed driver provides support for 8 and 16bit ethernet cards that are based on the National Semiconductor DS8390 and similar NICs manufactured by other companies. It supports all 80x3 series ethernet cards manufactured by Western Digi− tal and SMC, the SMC Ultra, the 3Com 3c503, the Novell NE1000/NE2000 and compatible cards, and the HP PC Lan+.

Put the first swap on the second−outermost partition of your boot drive (the one with the root partition), and other swaps on the outermost partition of the other drives. ) For swap−space splitting to work best, however, the disks must be SCSI. If you have IDE drives, the drives need to be on different IDE controllers. Remember, each IDE controller splits its total data throughput among all the connected hard drives. If you have two hard drives on the same IDE controller, and you're accessing both simultaneously, each disk will only be half as fast.

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