Adalat® in the Asian Pacific Region by Y. Nakamura, H. Miyashita, O. Iimura, K. Ueda, T. Sugimoto,

By Y. Nakamura, H. Miyashita, O. Iimura, K. Ueda, T. Sugimoto, Y. Toyama (auth.), Prof.Dr. David T. Kelly (eds.)

These are the lawsuits of the 3rd Asian Pacific Adalat Symposium. the 1st used to be held in Tokyo in 1982 and the second one in Sydney in 1985. We have been honoured that the past due Dr. Sukaman and his colleagues have been in a position to host this 3rd symposium in Jakarta. This assembly was once designed to give a contribution to and to advertise overseas collaboration in cardiovascular learn, and to assist advertise extra wisdom and figuring out concerning the remedy of vascular illness within the Asian Pacific sector. Nifedipine used to be initially investigated within the mid-1960s by way of Prof. Fleckenstein. His first effects confirmed this drug was once a strong calcium antagonist which altered excitation contraction. at present, there has been a fast improvement of information concerning the pathophysiology of ischaemic middle ailment, and therefore the real pharmacological paintings on calcium antagonists reminiscent of nifedipine paralleled and complimented the more recent realizing of coronary body structure in guy. very quickly such a lot treatment used to be designed to minimize myocardial oxygen intake and demand.

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Thus, the immediate need for invasive procedures such as coronary arteriography may be delayed or avoided if after drug intervention ST depression is reduced, and reversible exercise-induced ischemia becomes reperfused on repeat T-201 imaging. In fact, in six anginal patients coronary arteriographic findings were insignificant. Nifedipine induces lower coronary tone [59, 60], prevents spasm [61], and reduces afterload [62, 63]. In spontaneously hypertensive rats nifedipine prevented progression of left ventricular hypertrophy and the decrease in ventricular compliance [64].

14. R. P. 15. Z. 16. M. L. 17. K. " 18. C'" 19. " 20. e. 21. AR. 22. a 23. S. 24. b M F F F M F F M M M M M M M F M M M F M M M M F Sex C, Control; N, nifedipine. a Insignificant angiography. 0 C 3 b Angiography with positive ergonovine test. 0 0 C 0 Stage Table 4. ,~ > 0- ~ ? 00 MEAN STSEGMENT DEPRESSION (mm) 14 13 7 3 I 14 14 14 STAGES; 0 14 14 DURING EXERCISE 12 III 6 IV 4 2 min 14 AFTER EXERCISE 5 min 14 8 min 14 --~--l_-l __ J//-----t---l-_l-_l 14 Fig. 1. 5 I I I I I I I I ~ z ...... o a' ~ s' I;,;' ...

Am Heart J 1 [Suppl D]:43 61. Freedman B, Dunn RF, Richmond DR, Kelly DT (1981) Coronary artery spasm during exercise; treatment with verapamil. Circulation 64:68 62. Moskowitz RM, Piccini TA, Nacarelli GV, Zellis R (1979) Nifedipine therapy for stable angina pectoris: preliminary results of effects on angina frequency and treadmill exercise response. Am J Cardiol 44:811 63. Kallenback M, Schultz W, Kober G (1979) Effects of nifedipine after intravenous and intra-coronary administration. Am J Cardiol 44:832 64.

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