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The Roosevelts and the royal couple were never far from each other’s thoughts as their two countries battled side by side against their enemies. President Roosevelt had promised to visit King George and Queen Elizabeth at their castle in England. It never happened. The president died before the war was over. Eleanor would later take the trip alone. National Fifty years had passed, and an anniversary picnic was being held at Hyde Park. The children who’d been guests at the 1939 picnic were much older now, and some of them returned to eat and share memories.

What made his accomplishments even more extraordinary was that he had been stricken with polio as a young man and was mostly confined to a wheelchair. Roosevelt was the only president to be elected four times in a row; a law was passed later, limiting future presidents to two terms (eight years). First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was equally remarkable. Since Franklin couldn’t move about easily, she became his traveling eyes and ears. She spoke up passionately for children, for workers, on behalf of women and minorities— for anyone who needed a helping hand—letting people know that their government was listening.

The children who’d been guests at the 1939 picnic were much older now, and some of them returned to eat and share memories. ” And what do you think was on the anniversary picnic menu? Why, it was exactly the same — right down to the hot diggity dogs! Author’s Note The 1939 royal visit and the picnic at Hyde Park are true events, though, of course, different people remember details differently. The research library at Hyde Park holds the letters people wrote to Mrs. Roosevelt about her menu. The queen and king reacted to the hot dogs just as written.

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