Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Prima's Official Strategy Guide by Rick Barba

By Rick Barba

Play or Prey?• assault thoughts for every uniquespecies• information on guns, instruments, talents, and gear• entire walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complex tips for veteran avid gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality assistance

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Tools Medicomp and Energy Sift The Medicomp and Energy Sift serve similar purposes and are best used in conjunction. The Medicomp restores full health. It does, however, draw from your energy stores. So if you’re badly hurt, the Medicomp can drain energy to almost nothing. If you’re low on energy, too, the Medicomp won’t work. Fig. 2-13. Activate the Energy Sift and Medicomp devices in secure areas. ] This is the best sequence: Wait until you reach a quiet place with no enemies nearby. If both health and energy are low, use the Energy Sift to build energy, then use the Medicomp to heal.

Grab the Armor pickup, read the disturbing PDA memo on the desk, then drop down the hole in the floor so you land on the crate one level below. ) Fig. 5-9. Don’t miss these valuable Armor and Medikit pickups as you roam. Level 3 (Barracks) ൸This is a barracks, and it’s a mess. Find the Flare Pouch (a belt holding 10 flares) in the middle of the room. If you have less than 20 flares left, pick it up. ൸ Jump down the hole to the next level. TIP If you haven’t already done so, activate your Shoulder Lamp (the default is G ).

Then brace yourself for a major attack. An Alien squad rushes up the corridor looking for brain food. Good luck! Level 1 (Exit) ൸ At the top of the ramp, turn right, run through the half-open door, and blast the last two Aliens. Take the next right, exiting through the door into the APC garage. ൸ Walk down the ramp, and approach the APC to trigger a cutscene: Harrison takes the big vehicle to a rendezvous with the White Team. Fig. 5-13. When you reach the APC garage, you’re safe. . for the moment.

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