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Transfer waiver. In contrast, for those methods where there is no prior knowledge or familiarity, but where the risk is low, only the receiving site needs to perform Outsourcing and Technology Transfer 25 testing to confirm suitable method performance. The data will be assessed by the transferring site based on historical performance of the method. Finally, where a high risk has been assessed based on complexity, familiarity and robustness criteria; a classical comparability assessment will be performed between both sites.

Melucci, C. Locatelli and M. Locatelli The reported steps are critical, especially because only one of 50 molecules that reach phase II studies reaches the market. Among the major restrictions in drug development, there is the necessity to select the best biological target for a specific disease and the best chemical entity and its structure [6]. As previously reported, drug development is a time-consuming and costly process; for these reasons, the need of very sensitive and selective assays for the complete characterization of New Chemical Entities (NCE) has become very stringent.

J. Z. Transfer of methods supporting biologics and vaccines. Stat. Bopharm. , 1, 2009, 450-456. , Quint, M. , Schoeffter, F. Transfert des méthodes analytiques: méthodologie. STP Pharma Pratiques, 12, 2002, 337-343 Mullin, R. Shock to the system. Big questions about drug safety arise in the wake of rampant supply-chain globalisation. Chemical and Engineering News, 89 (2), 2011, 11-15. Mundey, A. FDA to Propose Tougher Rules for Outsourcing Drug Manufacturing. Wall Street Journal (on line), 15 June 2010.

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