Among Tibetan Texts: History and Literature of the Himalayan by E. Gene Smith

By E. Gene Smith

Between Tibetan Texts is a part of Wisdom‘s acclaimed experiences in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism sequence. for 3 many years, E. Gene Smith ran the Library of Congress‘s Tibetan textual content book venture (PL480)-an attempt to salvage and reprint the Tibetan literature that were accrued by means of groups and exiles of Sikkim, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. Smith wrote prefaces to those reprinted books to aid make clear and contextualize the actual Tibetan texts: the prefaces served as tough orientations to a poorly understood physique of international literature. initially produced in print amounts of 20, those prefaces quick grew to become mythical, and shortly photocopied collections have been passed from pupil to pupil, attaining a nearly cult prestige. those essays are accrued right here for the 1st time. The impression of Smith‘s learn at the educational examine of Tibetan literature has been large, either for his extraordinary skill to synthesize various fabrics into coherent money owed of Tibetan literature, heritage, and spiritual inspiration, and for the exemplary serious scholarship he dropped at this box.

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Yu brag pa Brtson 'grus grags pa (1123-93), a disciple of Dwags po Sgom tshul, established the Tshal pa Bka' brgyud pa. The fortunes of this sect reached a peak during the early Yiian period when Tshal Gung thang was the center of an influential myriarchy. But because one of the myriarchs had been an opponent ofTa'i Situ Byang chub rgyal mtshan, the sect fell into the shadows. The discovery by Dung mtsho ras pa Shes rab rgyal mtshan in 1315 of the Sems khrid, a gt~r ma alleged to have been concealed by Sgam po pa, brought the sect closer to the Rnying rna pa.

Thog Mkhan po Kun dpal, 'Brug pa Bla rna 'Phrin las, Mgo log Bla rna Bsod dpalldan, Opal yul Padma nor bu (d. 1932), Gter ston Dri med (d. 1932), Mkhan po Ye shes rgyal mtshan, the Fifth Rdzogs chen, Thub bstan chos kyi rdo rje (b. 1872), 'Brug pa Sku chen Chos dbyings rol pa'i rdo rje, Mtha' yas Bla rna Boom ldan rdo rje, 53 and Dzi phu Bco brgyad Zhabs drung Blo gros rgya mtsho. 54 Ngag dga' took his ordination as novice (dge tshul) in 1893 and his final vows in 1898. He studied largely at Kal:t thog until 1900, when it was rumored that 'Ju Mi pham rgya mtsho was coming to teach at Rdzogs chen.

We can properly speak of a Jo nang Bka' brgyud pa or Dge ldan Bka' brgyud pa for the Jo nang pa and Dge lugs pa sects. The adherents of the sects that practice the teachings centering around the Phyag rgya chm po and the Na ro chos drug are properly referred to as the Dwags po Bka' brgyud pa because these teachings were all transmitted through Sgam po pa. Similar teachings and practices centering around the Ni gu chos drug are distinctive of the Shangs pa Bka' brgyud pa. These two traditions with their offshoots are often incorrectly referred to simply as Bka' brgyud pa.

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