Amorphous Chalcogenides. The Past, Present and Future by Victor I. Mikla

By Victor I. Mikla

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1 - training of Amorphous Selenium Photoconductor movies by means of Vacuum Deposition

, Pages 1-22
2 - Molecular constitution of Se-Rich Amorphous Films

, Pages 23-46
3 - impression of Thermal Evaporation stipulations on constitution and Structural adjustments in Amorphous Arsenic Sulfides

, Pages 47-55
4 - the massive Invention of the 20th Century—Xerography

, Pages 57-79
5 - Xerographic Spectroscopy of hole States: Se-Rich Amorphous Semiconductors

, Pages 81-107
6 - impression of Antimony Alloying on Photoelectronic houses of a-Se

, Pages 109-132
7 - High-Definition television Pickup Tubes

, Pages 133-142
8 - X-Ray Photoconductors for Direct Conversion of electronic Flat-Panel X-Ray snapshot Detectors

, Pages 143-154

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Bakauskas, and B. Baliukas, Lietuvos. Fisikos Rinkinyas 13 (1973) 273. O. , Russ. Phys. Techn. Semicond. 37 (2003) 816. I. Mikla, Doctor of Sciences Thesis, Academy of Sciences, Kiev(1998). O. S. S. Weiss) 2nd ed. (New York, Basel, Marcel Dekker) (2002) 329. M. C. Enck, Phys. Rev. B 25 (1982) 2567. O. P. Thakur, and D. Dodds, J. Phys. E. Sci. Instrum. 21 (1988) 1195. O. Kasap, B. Polischuk, and D. Dodds, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 61 (1990) 2080. O. Kasap, B. Polischuk, Can. J. Phys. 7 (1995) 96. C. M.

4 Compositional dependence of sFSDP, s2, IFSDP, and I2 for amorphous AsxSe100x films. Solid circles and squares refer to different deposition conditions; solid triangles and open symbols refer to s2 and I2 after A1→A2 structural transformation. Lines are visual guides. 2 5 4 3 0 2 4 6 8 10 2 20 X 1 30 40 50 the results of [31,36], in which authors showed that the structure of AsxSe100x deposited films after annealing approached that of corresponding glasses. After thermal annealing of AsxSe100x amorphous films with compositions x  10, the A1→A2 structural transformation occurs even with slight heating.

But its structure is still not fully understood. , as functional elements of multilayer photoreceptors in xerography). % As are perhaps the most studied [12–19]. Most stable binary glasses in As–Se system atomic ratios can be varied in a wide range. % As. It is necessary to accentuate that the As–Se amorphous alloy system displays the main extrema of various properties at the stoichiometric composition, where the valence requirements appear to be satisfied. It is reasonable to connect the mentioned non-monotonic behavior with the specific character of local structure changes.

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