On Being Mindless : Buddhist Meditation and the Mind-Body by Paul J. Griffiths

By Paul J. Griffiths

Paperback publication released via Open court docket Publishers, 3rd Printing, 1991

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On Being Mindless : Buddhist Meditation and the Mind-Body Problem

Paperback ebook released by way of Open court docket Publishers, 3rd Printing, 1991

Gently used with mild put on

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17 All these functions, it is agreed, no longer occur for bo th a dead m an an d one w ho has en tered the attain m en t of cessation. The debate that he describes, how ever, be­ tw een different u n d ersta n d in g s of w h at the cessation of physical, verbal an d m ental functioning m ight m ean, gives us o u r first real insight into the central problem s connected w ith the attainm ent of cessation. In stan d ard Indian fashion, B uddhaghosa begins by presenting the view w ith w hich he disagrees; also in stan d ard Indian fashion he does not n am e the o p p o n en t, using the ano n y m o u s formula 'som e say .

39 Stated briefly, the term d en o tes (any one of) a series of precisely defined altered states of consciousness, altered states w hich are characterized by an increas­ ing atten u ation of the practitioner's em otions. 40 The techniques used to gain the four jhana of form are also enstatic, d e ­ signed to w ith d raw the practitioner from em otional attachm ents to a n d contacts w ith the external world, as well as from the tendency to rationally analyze his experience. They therefore m ove in the sam e general sp h ere as those techniques aim ed at the attainm ent of cessa­ tion— the central concern of this stu d y —an d w hen the two sets of techniques are com bined, a coherent an d far-reaching set of enstatic practices is p roduced, com prising nine distinct altered states of con­ sciousness.

I am a verse-maker! I am a verse-maker! I am a verse-maker! I am the first-bom of the cosm ic order, Earlier than the G od s in the navel of immortality! W h o gives m e aw a y has in d eed aided me! I, w h o am food, eat the eater of food! 32 16 The A ttainm ent of Cessation In The Theravâda Tradition This view of salvation is paradigm atically ecstatic: the gnostic's know ledge reaches beyond self an d gives pow er to m anipulate the universe, to m etaphorically consum e it. 33 The alternative to seeking im m ortality by w ay of know ledge an d pow er is the central concern of this study.

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