Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

By Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

The writer has drastically helped the reader to understand this scripture by way of explaining the most principles within the Lankavatara Sutra. He tells the right way to research this scripture, compares it with the preferred Zen Buddhist, discusses such regular and critical doctrines as 'Mind-Only', the Triple physique of the Buddha and plenty of monor themes.

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3. yat tasmin nimitte ghatadi samjnakritafeam evam idam nanyatheti tan nama. 4. mm&% m^wta nvfoffi& &4. 5. %m&m%um imgtoim to. (continued) .. So this is said: 11. Then the Blessed One repeated this in the g a t h a s : i. m*. KM :£&# pmm % & 31 yena t a n nama samudirayati nimittabhivyanjakam samadharmeti va sa mahamate citta-caitta-samsabdito vikalpah. 5. yan nama-nimittayor-atyantanupalabdhifca buddhi-pralayad anyonyananubhutaparikalpitavad esham dharmanaih tathateti. 32 LANKAVATARA SUTRA SUNG (oontinued) WEI (continued) 6.

The Lankavatara No. D. Chos-grub 1 figures as stated 1 Concerning this translation from the Chinese and the translator, Chos-grub, see Pelliot's "Notes a propos d'un Catalogue du Kanjur" in the Journal Asiatique, July-August, 1914, pp. 128-129 and pp. 142144; and also Mr. Juntaro Ishihama's article on f£/j$ (Fa-chang) and Prof. 5# (Chinese Studies), Vol. I l l , No. 5; and also Prof. Haneda's Notes in The Chinese MSS Excavated at Tun-huang, Vol. I. H LANKAVATAEA SUTRA above as a great translator of the Buddhist texts in the Kanjur, and among the Chinese Buddhist sutras excavated at Tun-huang there are about ten works bearing his name as translator.

5. yan nama-nimittayor-atyantanupalabdhifca buddhi-pralayad anyonyananubhutaparikalpitavad esham dharmanaih tathateti. 32 LANKAVATARA SUTRA SUNG (oontinued) WEI (continued) 6. StS &£ &M S& * T O ® 6. *m w&*D^t %n*m &£ #>3i^ n a n«t nui &mw- 7. n&mm mm\m «3fc& m 8. EtAiE^ *®*1% S « * S fi 9. * « * « 3 £ * s a a t t A » - 10. *#tAS! # a # M ^gfcfl&A ii. ^&mmMMw 7. 2* &&«£ A R M * R S * mm-wm mmm mm m%. ftMJL WJIttFiE**. 9. *m i&35$i H&*a /\mm 10. «« H*M^ & £ » * H g » AS? &&£}£ * 11. ffgft&SSRIB'B' 3Ejfta«tt.

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