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How can a command take the input from a file? 198. What is command substitution? 199. What are positional parameters (arguments)? 200. What is a pipeline for a shell script? 201. How can you use parentheses or braces at the command line or in a shell procedure? 202. What is the difference between using parentheses and using braces? 203. What are functions from the shell’s standpoint? 204. What is a command’s environment? 205. How can you initialize new variables in a shell script and use them later in the sign-on shell?

86. What is the advantage of giving a user elevated privileges to certain commands through sudo, as opposed to giving them root access to a system? 87. What is the chroot command and why is it important to the security of a system? 88. Describe a buffer overflow attack and list possible defenses. 89. What is the weakest point in any network or system’s security? What can you do about it? 90. Describe a file system integrity tool and explain its importance. 91. What is an intrusion detection system and what are some basic flaws in the concept of ‘detecting intrusion’?

On the market covering almost every conceivable topic, however, from an interview perspective it is not feasible to brush up on all these materials when you may not have much time. With technologies evolving so rapidly, it is hard for even the most knowledgeable professional to handle job interview with confidence and precise answers to tough technical and management questions. This is especially true when it comes to information about such vital new areas of job opportunity as UNIX, Networking, etc.

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